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The mission of the Beyond the Flash Foundation is fighting hunger and providing families with meaningful support in times of need.

Founded in 2018, we support mission-aligned organizations in Wisconsin, California, Colorado and internationally.

Melvin’s Why

Melvin’s philanthropic passion began when he was just a child. The first time he walked the big streets of Chicago was also the first time Melvin saw homelessness. He vowed that, one day, he would help make a difference.

Melvin explains, “I know from experience and from friends that hunger is a big issue around the world. No kid should be hungry. People go without food and become accustomed to not having anything to eat or any support and it shouldn’t be that way. Everyone should have something.”

“The first time I saw a homeless person on the street, I told myself, 'If I can ever help someone not be in this situation, I will.'”

-Melvin Gordon III, Founder of Beyond The Flash Foundation

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